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PRODUCT/SERVICE INFORMATION – This is where you explain (brag about!) what your product/service is, what differentiates it from similar products/services on the market, and why your customer needs it. What problem does your product/service solve?  You should explain the features and benefits of your product/services.  If you offer a large array of products, you should list them in an easy to follow ordering chart, along with product numbers and pricing information.

PRODUCT/SERVICE IMAGES – Taking the time and money to build up a high quality image library will be one of the greatest tools you will ever have in your arsenal.  Only use high resolution quality images for your products/services.  If your products are small, show them close up.  If possible show your products in use.  Ideally your images should look as good in your catalog as they would be blown up on a trade show booth. 

OFFER A PRINT AND DIGITAL FORMAT – Print catalogs are making a comeback.  Customers like to hold something in their hands and keep it within easy reach for future reference. Printed catalogs can be kept in their office, on their desk, and are great reminders to your customers that you are there to serve them.  If your budget allows, try to also offer a digital catalog as well.  Digital formats are a great tool to put your customers in touch with you within one easy click. 

MAKE CONTACTING YOU EASY – if someone is interested in what they see in your catalog and they want to order, they should never have to leave the page they are on in order to contact you.  Make sure every 2 page layout has your website address, your email and phone number.  If you are offering an online version of your catalog, all of your contact info should appear as links, and don’t forget to add your social media icons to your digital catalog as well!

DESIGN - You’ve gathered all your content, images, and product information…now what?  Make sure your catalog has an easy to follow layout.  The layout should not only look aesthetically pleasing, but it must also have an easy to understand flow.  You are bringing your customer on a journey to the inside of your brand.  This is where you get to tell your story.  Make them excited to turn the pages! 

AdobeStock_86235521 (1).jpeg

Need some help with the development of your catalog? Reach out to us.  We can carry your project from development all the way along to the printing process. 

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